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If you have not previously taken full advantage of Gradient's hybrid learning capabilities, we can help you get started. Contact us or view our Quick Start Guides for teachers and students.

NEW VIDEO GUIDES! Our Quick Start Guides are now available as videos for both teachers and students.
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Gradient Student Portal
GradeCam Gradient
Student Portal
Teachers can attach instructional materials (PDFs), create new assignments, and share them with students.
Students can access lessons and complete and submit their assignments online.
Teachers can remotely score and respond directly to student work.
Students can access grades and review feedback from home.
Student Portal Resources
Quick Start Guide
For Teachers
Quick Start Guide
For Students
Helpful Tutorials
Prepare an Assignment for the Student Portal
Obtain Student Codes for the Student Portal
Link to a Student Portal Assignment from Google Classroom
Videos & Webinars
Student Portal Access
In this tutorial, students will learn how to access the Student Portal.
Create a Student Portal Assignment
Register for Upcoming Student Portal Webinars
GradeCam is Here to Help!
On Paper, Online, or Both – Now & Later
Whether you need a digital-only solution, a paper option for students without at-home access, or a combination of both, GradeCam will accommodate your needs, compile all the data, and keep everything accessible for use when school resumes.
Compliment Existing Systems
GradeCam works in tandem with other online platforms like Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, or even email. Simply post a link to your Student Portal assignment to give students easy access to instructional materials, assessments, and feedback.
Instructional Ideas
What are a few ideas to get me started?
Paperless Rubrics
Have students submit projects on video and use Paperless Rubrics to score them in Teacher View.
Student Feedback
Provide students with direct feedback using Student Feedback inside the Student Portal.
Student Reports
Access Student Reports to support conversations about learning growth during Student/Parent Video Conferences.
How can I make the most of paper assignments when students have limited or no tech access?
Tip & Tutorial
Creating Assignment Packets
Embed generic forms onto existing materials or use compatible forms to create common forms that can be copied to create multiples.
Tip & Blog Post
Tracking Returned Materials
Add a credit form to folders or journals, scan upon receipt, and both student and teacher will have a date/time verification. Be Like Mike!
Grading Collected Forms
Designate a school official* as a Helpdesk Agent to enable them to scan collected forms right into a teacher’s account for online access. Or use a multi-paper copy scanner and grade by importing scanned files*School/District Accounts
How can I create assignments that work both online and on paper?
Writing Prompt Attachments
Use historical images, works of art, math charts, and more via Student Portal attachments with rubric/rubric with capture to elicit written responses, inspire original stories, or prompt creation of math problems. See Example >
Grammar Check
Create an assignment in Student Portal with grammar correction content and print copies for students without online access. (Examples: Digital SP - Paper Form & Assignment)
Fitness Tracker
Setup a Weekly Fitness Tracker using custom question headers to establish activity instructions and allow students to record their physical activity. See Example >
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